CRAZY good!! Pasta, beef, BBQ sauce and cheese - how could it be bad?!?

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The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to make and is on the table in under 30 minutes. I found the brisket in the freezer section at Publix. It is a great shortcut! I am going to be honest. I was skeptical about using frozen grocery store brisket. I mean, how good could frozen BBQ actually taste? Well, it tasted really, really good. As good any BBQ joint! You can really tell that the BBQ is high quality beef that has been wood smoked for 8 to 10 hours.

I followed the directions for cooking the Pulled Beef Brisket in the microwave. It took 6 minutes! SIX minutes! I love that we can now have great tasting real BBQ any day of the week.

Molly Makes Macaroni and Cheese

It would be fantastic for tailgating this fall! Back to the Brisket Stuffed Mac and Cheese. Though the parm is tasty, I kind of want a bit more of that classic mac and cheese flavor. I've been obsessed with Mollys' pasta recipes and finally I've made one. It was absolutely delicious, I might have added to much salt to my pasta water but that's on me.

I've used whole milk, delicious butter, aged parm, and lots of black pepper. I will definitely try other cheeses when I make it again, and since my first try was spot on I already have my eye on the Pasta al Limone which is pretty much the same but I know the taste will be drastically different. This was absolutely delicious! It's a great step up from the boxed stuff but still super approachable. I'll definitely be making this again! Definitely not a mac and cheese, more of an alfredo. Next time am opting for a sharper cheese like cheddar to really get that mac and cheese flavor.

Followed the recipe exactly and came it came out beautiful!

What to Eat This Week

This has been a weekly staple at my house for awhile now. Perfect amount of salt, cheese and pep. My husband and I can easily devour the entire thing in one sitting. Quick, easy, delicious. I made this!

Best Four-Cheese Stuffed Shells Recipe - Best Cheesy Stuffed Shells Recipe

It's pretty good! Not very hard to make and relatively fast too. Don't be scared to make your pasta more liquid than thick, since it thickens up a lot when it cools. I did not find the recipe too salty at all, and the spice of the pepper really gives it a good kick. Just made this. It is SO good. This was sooo delicious! Will definitely make again. I do want to experiment using other hard cheeses. I can't give it stars because I haven't made it yet, but it sounds delicious. I have a question. I had an oral cancer several years ago, and radiation left my mouth as sensitive as a baby's.

I can't tolerate any heat, and we all know pepper means heat. I have started using white pepper in small amounts, but no way could I tolerate the 2 teaspoons of pepper in this dish. Can you give me some idea of how hot or how peppery it is? I haven't tried this recipe yet because I just found it at 7 in the morning but I was reading the comments on this and a lot of people complained about the salt content. I use sea salt in my home because my father's cardiologist says it is the least saltiest salt and the test kitchen uses kosher salt which, from my culinary experience, is only a small step up from sea salt.

Molly Makes Macaroni and Cheese

If anyone at home uses ionized salt or the famous Morton salt, your dish is going to come out much saltier than another dish. So, please, before you comment on something about how salty food is, keep in mind that you have to have the same ingredients in order to make that comparison.

Morton salt and kosher salt have two different intensities of salt and therefore do not make a valid argument. But BA, I will be trying this recipe soon and Andy's bolognese because they look amazing and I know my family will enjoy them. When I look back at my life, I will think in terms of before and after this recipe. This is the Mac and cheese recipe I've been looking for my entire adult life.

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It's as delicious as the box was when I was a kid. The only change I made was to saute in some thinly cut kale. I can't wait to make this again. I will definitely need to make this recipe again with some adjustments. I used sweetened almond milk - I do not recommend that. I will be using unsweetened almond milk next time. Also, the 8 tbs of butter was way too much, I would probably reduce that by half and keep an eye on it, as well as reducing the amount of salt I put in the pasta water. Overall, less butter and less salt. Wooden Spoon Buy. Chef's Knife Buy.

Dutch Oven Buy. Whisk Buy.

Stuffed Shells I

Glass Measuring Cup Buy. Colander Buy. Steps Hide All Images Add 3 big handfuls of kosher salt to a large pot of water and bring to a boil. Recipe by Molly Baz.

Related Video. Molly Makes Macaroni and Cheese. Reviews Write a review…. It was a success.

Mac and Cheese, Large Shells, ‘no-waste’ cheddar

I've made this recipe at least 3 or 4 times already. It's easy peasy and delicious. The pepper isn't really spicy so I add chilli flakes. I never write reviews, but I have to for this mac and cheese.