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Address Book contacts only option sends the out of office response only to the external emails in your Address Book on your computer. Anyone outside my company option sends the out of office response to anyone that sends you an email. Enter the message that will be sent to external non-UCSD email addresses. Click on OK. In Outlook, click on Tools then Out of Office. Click on Do not send Out Of Offices messages. Click OK. Note: Even though the previous Out of Office message is still in the text box, the Out of Office Assistant is no longer active. To ask questions, request a service, or report an issue, contact the ITS Service Desk , Departments IT Services.

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How to set up Auto Reply to Email Mac Mail

Learn how your comment data is processed. My e-mail upgrading froze during installation I use 2 Google mail accounts, one Apple and another third party account. Then I found one of the Google Mail accounts constantly downloading and unresponsive — the other 3 accounts were fine. I called Google and they tried some configuration changes, but eventually, we had to resort to forwarding e-mail from the troubled Google account to the good Google account not an optimal long term solution.

Send automatic Out of Office replies from Outlook for Mac

The last one Reindexing worked!! It has saved hours of agony and low product,ivity. If anyone else is still having issues after removing, re-adding, deleting the index files, and re-indexing the Mac mail app and still experiencing problems TRY THIS. I noticed my drafts were accumulating in a few of my inboxes on Gmail. I decided to delete all of my previous drafts before re-adding my mail account to populate my mail. I am not sure why this worked for me, but I noticed a discrepancy between my drafts on my Mac mail and what was actually present in my gmail account.

Thanks for sharing this tip! This worked for me. My Apple Mail was working fine for years, all of a sudden it kept on downloading deleted messages again and again…. Ended by using Outlook but not satisfied either and would really come back to Mail.

Create an away or holiday responder in Mail on the Apple Mac | RAW Mac

I am happy to report that changing the location of the Draft did the trick for me. Below is a recount of my issue. At first I just assumed it was downloading the initial mailboxes, but after several weeks to couple months it was clear that this not normal. Like many have described, always downloading 5XXX of messages, day in and day out.

Numbers always change but behavior stay the same.

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As soon as I shut down Mail the bandwidth utilization drops, once re launched Mail the same will start back up in an hour or maybe after a day; but will always come back as the top node as can be clearly seen in my PFSense firewall stats in real time. Clearly looking at all the threads dating back to Mail is buggy.

Luckily I only have one Mail user in my company and the rest all just use web Gmail. Nothing worked.


Still downloading hundred thousands of emails. Have a very large gb gmail inbox. The search wont find any emails, the client is unusable. I have unchecked auto-check mail and set everything to manual checks, quit, restart. The manual checkbox is still ticked, but Apple Mail still goes ahead and auto checks mail every 10 minutes or so and dings to distract me.

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Even the movement in the mail list attacks unwanted attention I have Mail sounds turned off. Yes, this has been a common Mac user complaint starting with El Capitan through current macOS version. Please consider leaving Apple your feedback. Your advice on Reindexing Mac Mail worked for me.

Now Mail is back to its original snappy self. Thanks for the tip. I have OS X El capitan ….. I am needing to pull the messages off the server when they come in and store on my Mac.. Now, when I remove the email from webmail, it removes it off the computer and my other linked devices. For example, if you have the Gmail account set up as an IMAP account, all your messages are deleted from the server when you delete them from your Mac.

BUT, once your account is set to POP, you should see the option to remove copy from the server after retrieving a message. Tried it on 2 different accounts that had this issue on 2 different computers. This worked for a little while but the both users told me the issue came back after a few days. How do I ignore it?

The human eye is naturally attracted to all flashing messages. Any advice about how to train my mind to stop noticing when the computer is asking for my attention with useless information would be super appreciated. When I looked at the Envelope files, they are even more — from three became five.