What You Need to Install Windows 7 in VirtualBox

If you already input your product key and downloaded Windows 7 direct from Microsoft, you might not encounter this page. If you do not have Windows 7 product key at the current time, you can skip this page, but your Windows 7 virtual machine will have limited functionality.

VirtualBox Guest Additions give your virtual machine better mouse pointer integration, the use of shared files between the host and the client, better video support, shared clipboards, and a host of other handy tools. Install the Guest Additions, then Reboot. Microsoft is shutting off Windows 7 life support on 14 January At the time of writing, that is just over six months. Some companies, products, and services have no choice but to continue using Windows 7.

Are you thinking of upgrading? Upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 before January , we show you how. Read More! Your email address will not be published. Thanks so much for the information. I got everything working pretty well but I'm having trouble installing applications on my shared drives. I have an application drive that I share with both Windows7 and Ubuntu, I want to also use it for installing applications on my virtual Win7 machine. From my Win7 VM I can see the drive and access files and even execute files from them.


However when I try to browse to the shared drive to install applications it shows up with an x on it and says that it not connected. Also when I execute a program from the shared drive, the program can not access any of it's required data on the same drive, and I get errors saying that it can access the drive. Is there a problem fully connecting these drives, or is it just a limitation of Windows 7 preventing me from installing onto shared drives?

That should solve the problem, although is an insecure solution. If all of your machines are behind a secure firewall, you should be relatively safe. I also had trouble getting the folder sharing to work. I just set up regular folder sharing via Windows to get around it. Best ssmokin. Is this the same for a standard hard drive?

There is no mention of this in the forum except for USB use. I have deleted files off C and D drives to free up space, altered the ram setting down to give more to the host. Yes, the file size limit applies to a standard hard drive as well. That's the reason you're getting that error when you reach the 4GB mark.

The virtual hard drive resides within a single file on the host system, so if you install VirtualBox on a FAT32 disk USB, hard drive, or otherwise you will encounter this limitation.

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Hope you can help me. Just set the network device in VirtualBox to use your wireless card.

You set this up on the Network tab in the virtual machine settings. I haven't tried VirtualBox 3. If you want full-screen resolution you will probably still need to install the guest additions. If you want seamless mouse interaction between the guest and host where the guest is windowed, and you move the mouse cursor outside of the window , that is definitely the case.

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Contact the manufacturer of your computer or video card for a WDDM-compatible driver. VirtualBox does not currently support DirectX in guest OSs, although some development is taking place to do so. For now, it would seem you cannot use aero. So, I did this, my main problem is that my video card isn't registering, even though I checked the box to let it, so I can't use aero Also, I can't activate Aero.

Win7 tells me "it might work with a different driver for my graphics card", but the latest VB driver does not do the job.

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Needless to say that my host Vista PC has perfect Aero and sound. Any suggestions? It may be that the guest additions for the latest version of VirtualBox 2. So when you install the guest additions, everything seems to go smoothly? When you reboot the virtual machine after installing the guest additions, everything is the same as it was before installing them i.

Could be its the RC compatibility. I assume Sun will come out with a version for RC soon, and if indeed that is what causes the problem, it should then get solved. By the way when they do come up with the RC compatible, how do you update the guest addition install? Just mount the new guestaddition ISO? Or do you have to unmount? Yeah, it definitely sounds like Virtual Box 2. When Sun does release a new version of VB that has guest additions compatible with Win7 RC, you should just be able to mount the new guest additions and install them.

Actually, after spending a few hours googling the internet, it is clear that the present version of VB doesn't support Directx hardware acceleration, which is crucial for Aero. So it's not just incompatability of guest applications with win7RC, it's a basic VB problem. SUN seems to be working on directx support, but so far none yet From what I see on all the forums, the same problem exists also when running Vista under VB.

All works fine, but no Aero. Is that so? By the way, the audio problem can be solved by downloading and installilng Realtek drivers with the DC97 option. That makes sense.

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So yes, it would be safe to say that with Win7 on VB there will be no Aero. Thanks for updating the thread here and keeping everyone else informed as well. If you're determined to get Aero on a virtual machine, it seems as though it might be possible to do it on Virtual PC. Jorge - Great tutorial!!

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A few questions: 1. Win7 RC is out. It comes as a 2. Are your instructions still the same? My PC has two hard disks, GB each. The primary disk with Vista is pretty full. Can VB be installed on a secondary disk? Thanks in advance. When you allocate the memory to VirtualBox, it will only be in use when the virtual machine is turned on. When you turn it off, the memory will once again be available to your host system. You may need more than 2GB of RAM though, because someone else had commented that they have 2GB on their host and it wasn't enough to allocate 1GB to the virtual machine.

You could always pick up an extra Gig or two pretty cheap online. Hello to everybody! TNX ahead for ur help!!!! I believe the latest version of Virtual PC does support Windows 7. I believe that particular file is the bit version, so use it if you are using the bit version of Vista.

Otherwise, you will want to download Windows6. The directions for Virtual PC will be different than what is here however, but conceptually the installation is very much the same. Calvin, Could you be more specific? Jorge's page is all about installing Win7 on VM! What's the part that has you baffled? Yeah, but when I try and allocate that single gb I still get the error telling me to close applications. Yeah, you may need more.

Just toss another 1GB stick into your box. RAM is pretty cheap these days. Hey Jorge, I have 2gbs of ram on my PC but when I try and run windows 7 on Virtual Box it gives me a "cannot allocate sufficient memory" error. Jorge you seem really knowledgeable about this so I'm actually taking a chance at making a comment. I used to have a better video card R. I'm in the process of building a new system already have an EX38T-DQ6 and an E but for now i have a few questions about my current system.

If so which drive should i install the OS on? I may be getting another AGP video card for this old machine soon. If you install Windows 7 as a system OS and not in a VirtualBox, the gaming experience should probably be very much the same as Vista.

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This is great. Now that my RAM finally came in through the mail, I can actually try this. One question, though: Should I pick custom clean installation or upgrade installation? I did everything fine, but it wont let me check the multicore processor thing and also, when I click install guest additions, it does nothing : , should I start the process over again?