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Use Windows terminal servers to provide groups of Macintosh users in the workplace with access to Windows-only programs. To connect to a Windows-based computer, you need network access and permissions to connect to the computer, and the computer must be running Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services.

How to Use Microsoft Remote Desktop on Mac

The following Windows products support Remote Desktop connections:. Mac Remote Desktop Connection is already available. Mac already offers Remote Desktop Connection as an application, and it works extr emely well. Don't need this extra program.

Stable and Secure - The AnyDesk Remote Desktop for OS X

It doesn't have the accessibility of the Mac programs nor the resources. Pros: Free. Cons: Not up to Mac specs.

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  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Mac.
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RDC 1. Overall, the program has allowed me to increase my work productivity for my job. And, I really appreciate the fact that the version 1.

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Pros: Allows me to work at home with my job's shared network. Also allows me to access Windows programs and files at work from my Mac. Linking login to Mac OS X keychain allows me to start up faster than at work. Cons: Some Windows programs show a degradation in response time. What do you think about Remote Desktop Client Do you recommend it? AeroAdmin makes taking control over remote computers or screen sharing as easy as phone call, even for non tech-savvy users.

It is free for use, but premium licenses with extra features are available at very reasonable prices. Compare premium licenses and prices. AeroAdmin is a small executable file which can be stored on a USB or instantly downloaded from a website and launched on any computer.

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  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Mac;

Go to features overview. Do not worry about your confidential data and files. All remote sessions provided by AeroAdmin are totally encrypted.

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In combination with a powerful authentication system, you can be sure your privacy is thoroughly protected. Learn more about security. The term "remote desktop connection" means remote access to another PC via remote desktop software, like AeroAdmin. The software is run on both PCs and then a connection between them is established. That alone is reason enough to download it, if you work on both systems and need to move files between them often. Remote Desktop is not as robust as other paid tools, but for infrequent transfers or very basic needs, it gets the job done.

Have been using this app for a few years.

Great for working remotely on a Windows machine using your Mac. Except for the latest update, which disabled alt key combinations, working remotely on my Mac is identical to working directly on my Windows machine with an Apple wireless keyboard. As noted in the "Pros," the latest update killed alt key combinations. So, for example, one cannot use alt key combinations to navigate within a dialog box in Microsoft Word.

As I use key combinations frequently, this is a huge annoyance.

Mac Support

In MS Office applications one can access the ribbon commands using the alt key, but one must first press the alt key, let go, and then press the second key instead of pressing them both simultaneously. I would give it 5 stars but for the annoying alt key problem.

Seems like a minor thing, but I use the alt key all the time. Read reply 1. After the first patch, it just kept on freezing after a while. The timing seems to be random but it always happens after I switch to other windows. It's really annoying! And the "Use all monitors" option is confusing when I use multiple screens.

I don't want it but it's on by default. Switching back to full screen doesn't fit the whole screen. I get the annoying scroll bar on the right side of the RDP window. I hope they downgrade it back to the previous version.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for Mac Download - TechSpot

It's infuriating when I lose connection or it freezes. The features are kinda simple but still, it feels like this wasn't tested thoroughly at all. It disconnects all the time. So it makes working remotely really frustrating. This product could do with an overhaul Works infrequently, disconnects and needs some kind of update to make it more stable. Pretty simple, does what it suppose to, feels like you'e really working on that pc machine remotely. Make sure to launch in full screen mode, had some issues working in other size window sessions.

Hangs up - sometimes from the very start of the remote session and you have to disconnect and reconnect again. For me only works on my Mac Air in 32 bit mode - can't work it on 64 bit mode. Have had it crash when disconnecting from the machine prompting the mac to do a 'report crash' window thing.

Overall, works great when it does work, wish it worked in 64 bit mode so I don't have to restart to 32 bit when ever I want to use it to get to my work laptop remotely. I like if very much, except for the frequent disconnects. I also use an XP laptop using the windows version of the remote desktop software to the same remote computer, and never get these disconnects. No indication from the remote computer that it's doing the disconnect either.