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It gives you a personal answer if Mac or PC is better. Start test right away on top of this page.

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Is Mac better than PC, and why? And vice versa. The comparison covers aspects like purpose for professional and recreational use of the computer. Design and usability demands are taken into account, as well buying decision criteria like computer cost, maintainance and service. Which smartphone and brand ecosystem you prefer can be influencial in this comparison.

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Also your personal beliefs on values like freedom or safety play an important role. Should the software be highly customizable or plug and play? An operating system like Windows has a total different approach than Mac Os when it comes to these criteria. PC vs Mac is a quiz like test has been made simple and short to easely decide which is better for you.

PC Vs Mac online campaign is it possible?

However the test result is without any guarantees. If you prefer more detailed reading we present you some of the sources from our research: Wisegeek. More sources can be found on the resultpage at the end of this test. Begin PC vs Mac test at the top of this page. You have your macOS partition for day to day use, and when you want to game, you restart your Mac and run Windows.

Even if you can play the game natively in macOS, you might have a better experience running it through Boot Camp. This service is not available quite yet, but it will be launching for Mac in March of this year. This looks like it could be a promising way to game on your Mac without having to faff around with dual booting. Sony has a similar service for PlayStation 3 games, but there are currently no publicly announced plans to bring it to macOS.

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Macs are not gaming computers, but they are computers you can game on—as long as you accept their limitations. But if you already own a Mac and just want a way to kill a few hours, it can work. It has for me.

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