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Blender 2. Maxwell 3. Octane Render 4.

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Autodesk Revit 5. Cinema 4D 6. Lumion 3D 7. Viz Render 8.

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Punch Home Design Studio 9. VRAY Open source software with great community support Long presence in the market provides a plethora of resources for support Easy and simple to learn for new learners. A bit slow at rendering. One of the fastest rendering software on the market Powerful set of tools Large pool of materials and textures on hand.

One of the most powerful architectural programs on the market with decent rendering capabilities Impressive array of tools and textures on hand. Free license for students. Powerful suite of features and tools to help you make impressive renders Lighting options are particularly good Great to use if you already know your way around rendering. Compatible with every other rendering software on the market Easy to use UI and friendly learning curve Student license is free.

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Completely free, making it accessible to all Great set of tools for architectural visualization Dovetails nicely with other Autodesk products. Home Design Studio for Mac v19 A wealth of new home and landscape design tools Quickly plan bathroom renovations, kitchen Exhaustive list of features and tools Incredible array of models and textures to work with Fairly competitive price.

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New learners might find this intimidating. One of the fastest rendering software in the market Clean animations and excellent light effects Affordable price tag with one-time purchase Great support from development team with regular updates and patches. Some features missing, like velocity render. Updated, thank you for your input Sergiu! Lumion is save your time…the fastest rendering software in the world!

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New S. Use you 3D models in popular game engines or send you artwork to a 3D printing service. Images and movies created with Cheetah3D can be exported to a wide range of popular image and movie file types jpg, tiff, png, mov etc. The support of the macOS sharing services even allow you to upload your creations straight to various social media sites.

Built for Mac Cheetah3D is a powerful and easy to learn 3D modeling, rendering and animation software which was developed from the ground up for Mac. Modeling With a full set of polygon, subdivision surface and spline modeling tools the artists can focus on creating, safe in the knowledge that Cheetah3D has a breadth of features for the task. Animation Character rigging is part of the seamless animation system of Cheetah3D where just about every property of an object can be animated. Dynamics Cheetah3D smoothly integrates the industrial strength Bullet physics engine to simulate rigid body and soft body dynamics.

UV Editing So you've modeled a nice character or a new product design, it's time to get decorating and Cheetah3D is ready to get to work. Jul 30, 10 New York. ArchiCAD is what I'm learning now. The interface is great and very easy to use.

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Photo renderings are pretty good for just playing around for a few weeks. It's just a very intuitive program; visit Graphisoft's website.

Cheetah3D - 3D modeling and animation software for Mac

Last edited: Feb 4, LeviG macrumors Nov 6, 1, 2 Norfolk, UK. LeoFio said:. Photo renderings are amazing see my examples below. LeviG said:. Don't take this the wrong way but those renderings are far from amazing, personally I wouldn't even class those as a photo realistic rendering, do a google for autodesk viz or 3ds max and architectural renderings then you will see amazing, the lighting isn't bad but the materials are really poor.

I did check out some autodesk viz renderings, and they are impressive. Is anyone running 3DS max with bootcamp? ArchiCAD is what I use. It is just a very intuitive program to use, visit Graphisoft's website. Plus, no bootcamp required! Oct 1, 10 0. I have heard that Maxwell is good, but is there a big learning curve with this program?

Sep 5, 5, 5, Bath, United Kingdom. Also, we installed Fusion and it works great. That way there we can run both OS at the same time. I have each OS on a different monitor. It's great. What is the differences in cost? I quickly saw that there was one for and one that was Slippery Gimp macrumors regular. Aug 2, Leeds, UK.

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Absolutely no problems whatsoever. Slumbercub macrumors regular. Jul 12, 1 Gloucester, England.