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Converting to Mac When you decide to go ahead with the transfer process, you need to make sure you have installed and purchased QuickBooks on your Mac computer. Version Information While you can transfer a QuickBooks for Window version from a previous year to the newest version of QuickBooks for Mac, you can expect better results when transferring using the same version year on both copies. Accountant Copies If you decide to convert your copy of QuickBooks for Windows to the Mac version, you must convert your company file to a Windows version to send it to your accountant for tax purposes.

Mac -- What's the Difference? Accessed 16 August Martin, Avery.

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Small Business - Chron. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Needless to say this is a crazy way to keep records. I know.. Thing is, I hate using a PC and outlook for email. I know the desktop version has many more features for accounting but the online version is more user friendly, plus I can use gmail. Anna, I apologize that I do not have any solution for you. My experience on your issue, is that you are utilizing the best solution possible right now, without your accountant upgrades to online. I was told that files from one version to the other were not compatible.

We were looking at upgrading to the manufacturing and wholesaling version for one Mac and I was going to use the older version, but was told that would not work. I am interested on what you think about your online version and what version of QB you are using.

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I am assuming it is not QB Enterprise. I am looking for a good solution to combine our two computer programs into one QB that we can use, without the parallels and windows. It is a pain to me. Crazy and frustrating! All you have to do is click on the icon on your computer mac or pc to access the icloud QBprogram. This might be just me digging my heels in to use my Mac and not wanting to use a PC. Not sure of solution but I will update blog when I do find it.

They do have a version that runs on both systems, as far as they are concerned. It is QuickBooks Online…. Quickbooks will not offer support for Virtual Machine environments. After upgrading to it will no longer work in multi-user mode. If another user logs in first, regardless of being in Multi-User mode… It will not connect on my VM workstation. Written by Chase McElroy. Virtual Machines Virtual machines allow you to run another operating system on your Mac computer. There are three different views you can give your Windows virtual machine: Full-Screen View — For a complete Windows experience, run Windows in full screen Figure 1 on one display or across multiple displays connected to your Mac.

Installation Steps: Select a virtual machine software program. Purchase and install Windows inside your virtual machine software. Purchase and install QuickBooks for Windows inside your virtual machine software. Pros: Runs locally on your computer; no Internet required to access your QuickBooks files.

Not recommended for computers over five years old. Virtual machines use a significant amount of memory, hard drive space, and CPU. Boot Camp Boot Camp is an app that comes on your Mac. Installation Steps: Purchase a copy of Windows. Learn how to do that on the Apple website. On your Mac, launch Boot Camp Assistant. The Boot Camp wizard will partition and format part of your drive so that you can install Windows on it.

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Connect the flash drive or disc that you have Windows on to your Mac and select it to install on your computer. After Windows is successfully installed, you can install QuickBooks for Windows.

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Pros: Your computer will run faster than if you were running Windows inside a virtual machine. In order to switch from one operating system to the other, you would have to restart your computer and launch it in either Mac or PC mode. Remote Desktop Local Remote Desktop is exactly what it sounds like. In the left pane, click Remote , then under Remote Desktop , select the option to allow connections security up to preference. See screenshots and details on the Windows website. If your Mac is running OS It utilizes very little memory, hard drive space, and CPU on your Mac.

Requires network connectivity. Pros: Low up-front cost: Lease QuickBooks instead of paying for license. No need to purchase Windows or PC. Low system requirements. Easy setup. Cons: Requires Internet connection. QuickBooks lease may end up costing you more over time if you stay with your third-party host long term. Less control over the machine on which your QuickBooks file is running.

Ongoing monthly fee. The Bottom Line Overall, it comes down to what matters most to you: convenience or budget. You may also like. View all posts. Yup very true! Thanks for this article! I addressed much of this in my prior comment. As for Windows 10, who knows? Too early to tell.

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Thanks for letting us know about your experience with them, Kim. Thanks for all of this very useful information. QuickBooks Online mobile access is included with your QuickBooks Online subscription at no additional cost. Have a different question?

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