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Happy fragging! Can I transfer that to my MAC Reply 2 years ago. It is available for other operating systems such as Linux also.

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I used Dosbox to check out old qbasic programs before I ported the software to linux. It's mainly promoted for games but I use it for a stock data scanning application I wrote many moons ago. By adamthiede Follow. More by the author: For Boom to work, the. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Diffraction Grating Kaleidoscope.

Zach the tech guru 2 years ago. Reply Upvote. Beekhuis 5 years ago on Introduction. Zach the tech guru Beekhuis Reply 2 years ago. Regardless, getting to play Populous and Thexder is pure gold. This may be a totally asinine question, but you said, "put the game folder where it's easily found" and I'm just not sure how to do that Right now I have a folder inside my applications called "Games" and the game folder for this old DOS game Gold Rush is inside that one.

How to Run Old DOS Programs on a Mac: 5 Steps

This is totally a Mac lamer question, because I used to be into DOS stuff back in the day, but I have no idea where to look. It's not like Windows, where you would just do c: Is there any command more powerful than Goto? I think not! I'm almost in heaven, getting into the Apogee games again. But I am unable to shoot anything since the 'alt' is the 'option' key on osx. I've disabling the modifier keys in 'system preferences' but still no luck. Any clues. Lost your password?

MS-DOS emulator for Mac OS X

Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. The macosxhints Rating: And if you liked games, that means you were playing games that ran on top of DOS.

How to run DOS games on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Who can forget the days of limited sound, low-res graphics, and stilted gameplay? Still, if you long for those days, long no more -- now you can run the oldest graphical games on the latest and best operating system. Installation is simple; it's just an application, so drag it wherever you want it.

How to Run Old DOS Programs on a Mac

Launch the program, and you'll be staring at the familiar white-on-black DOS interface. So what next? Well, you probably don't want to just sit in DOS all day, so go grab some games. There are many sites out there that have collected fully legal shareware, freeware, and demo versions of many DOS games.

wordpress-11600-25562-61098.cloudwaysapps.com/donald-watch-1.php There are probably also sites where you can find games that have less apparent legal status -- full versions of old DOS games whose ownership and copyright may not be completely clear. Using such sites, of course, is at your own risk. So what do you do after you download an old DOS game? Expand the archive, and then place the folder somewhere easy to get to. Then just type C: EXE files, and run them. The small shot above left, for instance, is from Epic Baseball click the image for the larger version.

I managed to get most everything I tried running, though Duke Nukem 3D was giving me some user interface issues as in I couldn't select any items on the menu! DOSBox isn't rich on user interface features, but it works quite well.

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There's even SoundBlaster support, so you get in-game sound. I'm sure DOSBox could be used for more productive tasks as well, but it's great as a flashback gaming machine! The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.