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Please note that the step-by-step instructions below are for general diagnosis and fixing only. Step 1 : Give it a minute.

Why Apps Crash on macOS 10.14

Sometimes the hanging symbol is actually just that and will go away after a minute or so. Step 2 : Close tabs. The typical symptom is that your computer heats up quick with the fan running wild. Then press the power button again to restart your computer. Step 4 : Check if your Safari is up to date by reopening the app.

Why apps crash on macOS

This will open a new window with your Safari version listed. As of this writing, the latest Safari version is The cache is a location on your Mac that Safari stores information in to load certain resources more quickly. However, this information is supposed to be temporary and might be bogging you down.

This will wipe the cache and help Safari avoid random crashes or freezings in the future. You should clear your cache and history regularly to keep Safari in its best shape. Inside this tab, you will see a list of third-party extensions you have enabled or installed in Safari.

If you suspect one specific extension as the root of the problem, you can try uninstalling just that one and running a comparison. Step 7 : Safari might not be the culprit of your freezing problems.

Fix Edgewonk Crashing On Mojave Mac OSX

If you are using an older Mac machine e. To fix this, the easiest way is to use CleanMyMac X to run a quick scan of your Mac and clear out those clutters and system junk, you should use the app to disable those login items are could lag your mac on startup. These solutions that will help make Safari and other apps run more smoothly on your Mac.

When the app starts up but gets stuck, as in spins, it is known as Hang. This distinction is important as your system logs in the error messages in the application console. You can always open up a session using your console utility. If the app is showing a lot of crash messages, your best bet is to uninstall and re-install the app. If your crashing or problematic app happens to be an Apple built app such as Mail or Safari, you may want to explore some of these additional steps. The simplest way to tackle this is by logging out of your user id and trying a different user id on your MacBook.

Do you have problems with the app when using the different id? Please check the article below to make sure you are not having issues related to corrupt user accounts. When trying to locate the preferences files, you may find that some of these folders are hidden on your MacBook.

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Follow the steps below to see all the preference files on your MacBook. These preference files on your mac hold the startup and permission-related information associated with the app and the user. The preference files are available for all the Apple apps that you run on your MacBook. Restart your Mac after this exercise and check if the app that was crashing behaves better. Another example of this type of troubleshooting shows itself when you are trying to resolve Safari problems following a macOS upgrade.

Re-cycling the plist files often helps with the issues. This could be due to pre-binding issues associated with the app. This issue is rare and you can try this as the last effort. In order to rule it out, you can use a Terminal session and try manually updating the binding information.

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By following the regular housekeeping tasks listed above, you can minimize some of the problems from happening on your MacBook. Are there other tips that have worked for you when you have found yourself facing a problematic app? He is based out of Los Angeles, CA. In a former life, Sudz worked helping Fortune companies with their technology and business transformation aspirations.

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