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Oct 8, 0 19, Jul 30, 6, 1 45, 3, Welcome to the community, chillatiger! I'm sorry to hear about your problems with your brand new WD external. JustSomeJoe actually has a point. Can you tell me the model of the external drive though?

How to Fix Permissions on an iMac External Hard Drive

You can easily change that by re-formatting the drive. However, keep in mind that if you have any data saved onto it, it will be erased. Let me know if you need further assistance! MCristian Reputable. Nov 3, 2 0 4, 0. Thank you! Post thread. Started by noahcs Today at AM Replies: PC Gaming. Reviews comments. Windows Started by israel diaz Today at PM Replies: 3.

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Assign permissions to users and groups

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how to solve external hard drive read-only on Mac without formatting

Power Supplies. Latest: Grego12 2 minutes ago. Moderators online. To make it writable on Mac, you need to reformat it. But the concern is data stored on your external drive as reformatting removes all the data present on it. Therefore, here we have explained the techniques which you can use to enable read write on read only drive without reformatting it. Install Homebrew software on your Mac OS. For installing NTFS-3G package type following command in the Terminal brew install ntfs-3g Then, run this command brew cask install osxfuse, to check whether you have already installed FUSE package or not.

These two options enable you to write on external hard drive without formatting it. Hence, before reformatting it, use Remo Data Recovery Software for Mac to restore data from your external hard drive.

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Once you get back all your data from external hard drive, you can easily reformat it for further use. Remo Mac Data Recovery software scans the entire external hard drive and locates all the data. You can use this software to retrieve files from various brands of external hard drive such as, Western Digital, LaCie, Buffalo, etc.

It helps to restore photos from Mac external hard drive , also you can use this software for recovering video, audio, compressed files, etc. Install by following on screen instructions.

Then, attach your external hard drive to the computer on which you have installed recovery software. Now, launch your application for initializing recovery process. Step 2: When it displays list of drives, pick the drive which represents secondary disk and click on Next button. Once you get back all your data from external hard drive, reformat it for removing write protection from the external hard drive.

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Here are the steps for reformatting your Mac drive-. Now, you can able to write on your Mac external hard drive.