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You may already have an MKV player on your Mac….

Windows media player for mac os x 10.5.8

Works great for me as a full screen type player. MplayerX is great for MKV videos. I do need to warn users that it does install MacKeeper without the user knowing. I chose the advance install option which allows me to select what is installed.


After install is where I suspect the MacKeeper gets installed. It says the Application needs to be updated to run smoothly on Sierra. Ran that update and my fan on my iMac has been running while playing a video. I launched Activity Monitor and saw MacKeeper running in the background. Did an advanced search for all the files associated with MacKeeper and removed it. It still feels like a Windows Application that happens to run on a Mac. With VLC not interested in updating their Application for the Mac it is time for us Mac users to look elsewhere until something else comes along.

I sure hope something does. The market is huge for a good video player that actually works on the Mac. Subtitle: You can just use shortcodes to change subtitle timing without any editing software or anything. Get a screenshot from playing video Use shortcode to move to next video of a videos series Play video from where you left last time Change the subtitle position.

OSX Yosemite. Total Video Player is also very good. I love it because it is a video player for mac subtitles. It can load the subtitle contained in MKV files automatically. Appreciate your recent post. Could advise if it will playback the dts HD and True Hd audio formats? I am in process of backing up my blu ray collection. MOV, m4v,. WMV, Flash. For other formats, VLC is a classic app and should be included in just about every Mac users app toolbox, and MplayerX is becoming increasingly popular for being just as versatile while having the added bonus of supporting BluRay and MKV playback.

WMV files are no exception, but because it supports so many other popular mkv, divx, etc and obscure formats, MPlayer is debatably one of the best free video players available […]. Quicktime with Perian is higher quality than MPlayerX.

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If you need to convert other video types to iOS compatible format, Handbrake works great for […]. Perian is simply useless on OSX Lion. It plays everything, it has neat extra features, and it prioritizes video playback while other tasks are going on, so that video playback is rarely interrupted. I have now problems with Movist. As a long time Plex user, i find the comments about Plex being confusing to use troubling, especially in the context of this article.

Then you can watch them on your appletv.

How to Download and Install official VLC Media Player on Mac

The video simply needs to be demuxed and remuxed into an M4V. In the Preferences you can also set it to reencode the audio to 5. I came here to recommend Movist as well. However, even with Movist installed, I also install Perian to handle all manner of files. This allows Movist to open a variety of files with the Quicktime playback system which in turn allows adjustments to playback speed, which is make-or-break for me.

I wholeheartedly agree, MPlayerX is very good. VLC is better than Movist by far.

Feb 9, The downloadbutton says.. Version 2. Mar 25, 0. A G5 can only run Mac OS up to I stand corrected. However, the bottom line is the same: VLC only runs on Intel machines after 0. Last edited: Apr 21, Starfighter macrumors a. Jun 17, 26 Sweden. VLC only runs on Intel machines after 0. Starfighter I'm very curious how?! What system do you use? I was quite surprised. I have Those won't install on my G5.

From some googleing I understand that the retail version does work. I asked around and a friend of mine has the retail version lying around so I'll give it a spin next week. Thanks for the tip!

Nameci macrumors Oct 29, 1, 8 The Philippines The grey ones are machine specific. They will install to the machine indicated on the DVD label.

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The retail discs are colored black, and it will install on both intel and powerpc macs. It would not install on a powerpc mac with processor speed lower than MHz. See discussions on Apple forum. Same problem.

I have macOS Mojave Spudfry are you also using nVidia graphics? If so, can't be a coincidence, I suspect this is an Apple issue.

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Power Mac G5 10.5.8 with VLC

Apple and nVidia have divorced each other, driver support from nVidia is spotty at best. Very few nvidia cards are 'officially' supported in Mojave, and the list will grow even shorter with Catalina. You and meco-jon51 may want to try the Off chance there is a new driver in that update. There are so many other quirky things broken in Just so you know: There is a pending security patch for VLC being developed.

Theoretically, the security hole CVE can lead to a buffer overflow the usual But keep an eye out for a VLC update past v3. Like 2. MacUpdate Is downloading wrong version 3. Well, let's face the truth: one year has passed since v3. So sad, but I tend to use more and more VLC's rivals.