Step 2: Deliver emails to your new Unicode pst-file

Once you load files to the wizard, the software will show you clear and esteem preview of the files.

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The software maintains the whole sequence of the folders which are selected for migration. The software will show you the number of messages contained in the files. Once the files are fully prepared for conversion. The next step is to set a location for saving the output file.

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The whole path is shown here successfully. After that,you have to wait for few minutes for the conversion and after few minutes, you will get the desired results. The software fulfillsthe need of having email files in which large size file can be attached. The users who are in need of large size file will be very satisfied with the performance of the software. It is a very easy tool that is easily understandable and very quick for migration of Outlook files. The link ofthe product page is provided here for you.

You can get entire details of the product with demo version to test the software. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery.

Functionalities of the software

Note 2: To solve this, you may need to install the correct Windows language pack first and try importing the pst-file instead. If this fails too, contact Microsoft Support.

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  • If you want your new emails delivered to this newly created Unicode pst-file you must set it as the default delivery location. To do this;.

    How to convert an Ansi PST file to Unicode PST file

    When you are using Outlook or later, after restarting Outlook, verify that all your accounts are no longer set to delivery to your ANSI pst-file;. Now that everything has been converted and configured properly, you can disconnect the ANSI formatted pst-file from Outlook. You can do this by selecting the file in the data files overview of Outlook and pressing the Remove button.

    Create an olm file on a MAC

    When you now close Outlook, you can actually delete the old ANSI formatted pst-file as well to free up some space. Do not delete the file before disconnecting it from Outlook. Outlook Data Files are frequently used as an archive or to transfer data between computers.

    Method 3: Archive

    You can import items such as e-mail messages, contacts, and events from Entourage , Entourage , or Entourage , Web Services Edition. You can also import from an Entourage archive, which has an. Click Entourage information from an archive or earlier version , click the right arrow, and then follow the instructions.

    Wonderful facilities of the software

    If you used a Microsoft Exchange account with Entourage, all items in the Exchange account are downloaded from the Exchange server after the import process is complete. Any rules or schedules related to the Exchange account will need to be reconfigured in Outlook.

    WinPST Ansi PST to Unicode Converter - Free Download - Tucows Downloads

    If you import items from Entourage or Entourage , category information for items in an Exchange account aren't imported to Outlook. However, with Entourage , Web Services Edition, category information will be downloaded from the Exchange server. Outlook doesn't include Project Center. If you used the Project Center in Entourage and then import your Entourage information into Outlook, Project Center associations are converted to categories.

    For example, if you added items to a project that was titled "Research Paper" in Entourage, these items are assigned a category that is called "Research Paper" in Outlook. Custom views, search settings, and event travel time information from Entourage aren't imported into Outlook. Outlook events don't include any travel time information.

    On the Home tab, click Move , and then click Choose Folder. In the search box, enter the name of the folder that you want to move the item to, and click Move. To copy an item from an archive folder to another folder in Outlook, you can simply drag the item to the folder where you want to place the copy. Import information into Outlook.