I did it twice and never downgraded it. Please help. Thank you in advance. May 28, I am having similar issues. It's frustrating to have people keep saying there is no problem when obviously- there is a problem.

  1. How to add libraries to Kontakt and fix the library not found error;
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Native Access interefering is a pain in the butt. I cannot understand why anyone at NI would imagine this is a good idea.

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  • So I'm waiting for the delivery when I saw the update - had a quick check on VI-Control and didn't see any issues, so I updated. That's odd, I thought, haven't seen that before - however I clicked on add and it added the library just fine. It must have been scanning one of the folders that hold the VI's I thought.

    However, one of my admittedly minor Sonokinetic instruments wasn't picked up as I had put it in a subfolder.


    No joy there either. I could then add it and if I then moved it back, then I could hopefully use the browse function to locate it as you do when you have a kissing library. But it wouldn't pick it up. Maybe I am not seeing the big picture here, but either I'm missing something here, or whilst the system is working as intended, then it is poorly designed.

    Why on earth would it be better to get people to change content paths on an obscure menu when it seemed to be working perfectly well before. I still cannot figure out how to install my Sonokinetic library - thank goodness it's only a minor library that I don't often use. Oh, and do you remember how you could copy and paste a serial into the old NI Control Centre. Well it doesn't work inNative Access - it only pastes one block of the serial number in if you do that - you ahem to type. I'm not sure if thats progress exactly.

    May 29, EvilDragon , May 29, I copied the serial of my invoice as normal and it only pastes the first block. If you re on a PC then it could be a Mac thing. It has worked fine for years so far and just allows me to keep things a bit tidier across multiple drives.

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    I'll contact no pun intended Sonokinetic and NI and see what they say. As ever, thanks for all you help. Still having problems. So I am moving a load of libraries onto the SSD, and using 'locate library' when Kontakt sees the missing libraries. I did add library and then put in the serial number, and it was listed in Native Access under my products - but showing an incorrect path.

    However it's not showing in Kontakt.

    2nd way of adding Libraries in Kontakt when you get "no library found"

    I tried changing all the paths etc, but got nowhere. In the end I copied the mac executable of Kontakt 5. Especially for those who first learned of Kontakt through the Kontakt Player.

    Hopefully this helps you out, let me know if you have any questions! How to add libraries to Kontakt and fix the library not found error. Psuke December 19, at Nice man, glad to help! J-Rizzle Produxshenz December 19, at 1: J-Rizzle Produxshenz December 19, at 2: J-Rizzle Produxshenz December 19, at 3: Not a fan????

    Library content not found click locate to set the content

    J-Rizzle Produxshenz December 19, at 4: Heard good things about it, people dig it! John, December 19, at 8: This is tremendously helpful! Thank you!! Cool fam glad to help! Baddboy December 20, at 3: Thanks for this tutorial.

    Cool, glad to help Reply. E5L December 20, at 4: I usually just put them in my default Kontakt Library folder, and they show up!


    Solved - Can't add library after Kontakt update | NI Community Forum

    Hasznone December 28, at 3: No doubt fam glad to help! Many tx. Dropxbeatsx February 1, at Yeah fam glad to help! Raja February 16, at Macrey February 18, at 2: Thank you Reply. Mikey G March 11, at 8: Did you activate the library? Joseph March 20, at 3: Joseph March 21, at 7: This can be done with the Registry Editor as follows: Find and Delete an entry.

    Gangsta Reign Productions March 22, at 8: Gangsta Reign Productions March 22, at Gangsta Reign Productions March 24, at 4: Tuchtone May 3, at 6: I took all the right steps …still having the same issue Reply. Andres May 5, at Andres May 5, at 5: Andres May 7, at 5: Cool man, glad you got it!

    You need to register the library with a serial number Reply. MckayBeats May 30, at 2: Help me out a lot! Ben Makinen June 7, at RE No Library Found: Great tip — saved the day!

    • How To Add/Load Kontakt Libraries (And Fix Library Not Found Error).
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    • Thank you! Introninja , Jan 11, I do not think this is the problem since every single library is affected. Not just one or two. The libraries do not disappear from the list where it does not show up at all. In my case, the libraries are still there in their rectangular boxes within kontakt when I open kontakt as a plugin within logic, however, I just get the error for EVERY library which says "Library content not found click locate to set the content".

      Agree x 1 List. Xupito , Jan 11, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Kontakt Feb 11, Spitfire Percussion Redux - This instrument belongs to a library that is currently not installed Kontakt Feb 11, Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?