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Keep flammable materials well away from the fixture. Do not illuminate surfaces within 3 meters 10 feet of the fixture. Provide a minimum clearance of 0. Never place filters or other materials over the lens. Do not modify the fixture or install other than genuine Martin parts. Do not operate the fixture if the ambient temperature Ta exceeds 40 C F.

Protection from injury due to falls Do not lift or carry the fixture alone. When suspending the fixture, verify that the structure can hold at least 10 times the weight of all installed devices. Verify that all external covers and rigging hardware are securely fastened and use an approved means of secondary attachment such as a safety cable. Block access below the work area whenever installing or removing the fixture. The packing material or flightcase is carefully designed to protect the fixture during shipment - always use it to transport the fixture.

When installing the MAC Entour model you may find it useful to lock the head in place using the tilt locks.

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AC power Warning! For protection from electric shock, the fixture must be grounded earthed. The power supply shall have overload and ground-fault protection. Verify that power supply settings match the local AC supply before use. If your AC power supply is different, the fixture must be configured for the local voltage and frequency. Always use the settings that are closest to your AC supply.

Figure 1: Power supply settings Setup 7. Remove the 2 Phillips screws in the access cover directly behind the power and data connectors. Lift off the cover. Locate the selection switches. Move the voltage switch to the setting that most closely matches the local AC voltage. If your voltage falls halfway between 2 settings, select the higher voltage.

Move the frequency switch to the setting that matches the local AC frequency: 50 or 60 Hz. Replace the cover. Consult an electrician if you have any doubts about proper installation. Following the cord cap manufacturer s instructions, connect the yellow and green wire to ground earth , the brown wire to live, and the blue wire to neutral.

The table below shows some pin identification schemes.

The power cables must be undamaged and rated for the electrical requirements of all connected devices. Powering through a dimmer system can damage the fixture. Verify that the supply cable is undamaged and rated for the current requirements of all connected devices. Plug the prepared power cable into the AC socket and a grounded AC power supply. It can be fastened directly to a suitable surface, hung with a rigging clamp, or placed directly on a level surface. Block access below the work area before proceeding.

The Fast-Lock system enables quick and easy fastening of the clamp brackets in 4 positions. Figure 2: Clamp mounting bracket Warning! Attach an approved safety cable to the attachment point provided in the base. Never use the carrying handles for secondary attachment. Always use an approved safety cable. Verify that the clamps are in good condition and can bear at least 10 times the weight of the fixture. Bolt clamps to the bracket with a grade 8. Align the clamp mounting bracket with any 2 key slots on the base. Verify that the structure can bear at least 10 times the weight of all installed fixtures, clamps, cables, auxiliary equipment, etc.

Working from a stable platform, clamp the fixture to the structure. Install a safety cable that can bear at least 10 times the weight of the fixture securely to the structure and anchor the cable to the dedicated attachment point on the base. The attachment point is designed to fit a carabiner clamp. Verify that there are no combustible materials or surfaces to be illuminated within 1 meter 39 inches of the fixture, and that there are no flammable materials nearby. Never connect more than 1 data input and 1 data output.

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Connect the controller s output to the fixture s data input. Connect the output of the fixture closest to the controller to the input of the next fixture. If connecting a fixture with pin 3 hot to a fixture with pin 3 cold, use a phase-reversing adaptor. Setup 9. For links up to meters ft. For runs up to meters ft. Use an amplifier if the serial link exceeds meters. Never use a Y connector to split the link.

Do not overload the link.

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Up to 32 devices may be connected on a serial link. Terminate the link by installing a termination plug in the output socket of the last fixture on the link. The termination plug, which is simply a male XLR connector with a ohm, 0. If a splitter is used, terminate each branch of the link. Settings can also be changed remotely via the serial link with the Martin MP-2 uploader. See also the control menu table starting on page Menu navigation The DMX address and any error messages are displayed after the fixture resets. To enter the menu, press [menu]. Use the [up] and [down] keys to move within the menu.

To select a function or submenu, press [enter]. To escape a function or menu, press [menu]. Press [menu] to enter the main menu. Select using the [up] and [down] keys.

Press [enter]. Select for standard bit mode, or for bit extended mode. Press [menu] to return to the main menu. DMX Address selection For independent control, each fixture must be assigned its own address and non-overlapping control channels. Select an address start channel using the [up] and [down] keys. The highest address that you can select is automatically limited to ensure that the fixture has enough DMX channels left in the channels available in one DMX universe. The highest address therefore varies depending on how many channels the fixture uses in the mode that the fixture is set to.

Press [enter] to set the DMX address. These options can be useful in Control Panel The setting provides maximum speed on controllers with high DMX output refresh rates e. The setting gives smoother, more precise movement with less powerful DMX controllers as well as the option of longer fade times, for theater use for example.

The and settinsg are similar to see above. When set to, the wheels can take a shortcut and scroll through open when this is the shortest path to the next position. The wheels do not scroll past open when is set to OFF. If is set to, pan, tilt and effects movement speed is set to normal and the fan speed options available in the MAC Entour menu are set to temperature regulated operation to give the quietest possible operation. Any existing speed settings are overridden.

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The message scrolls in the display if you try to change speed settings via the or control options. Select to have the display remain lit, or OFF to extinguish the display two minutes after the last key press.

To flip the display for easier reading, press [up] and [down] simultaneously. The display intensity setting controls display brightness. You can select for automatic dimming of the display using the built-in light sensor, or manually select an intensity level from 10 to There are three options for automatic lamp control:,, and. When is, the lamp remains off until a lamp-on command is received from the controller. When is, the lamp strikes automatically after the fixture is powered on. When is set to, the lamp strikes automatically when the fixture receives DMX data, and it extinguishes automatically 15 minutes after DMX data is lost.

When is, lamp power can be switched off by sending a DMX value from to on channel 1 for five seconds. When is, the lamp-off command will not work unless special conditions are met. Refer to the DMX protocol.

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When set to, a filter on the color wheel is activated 3 seconds after the shutter is closed. This helps absorb any light output that escapes past the shutter. If the color wheel was at its open position before the color blackout was activated, the wheel returns to open automatically as soon as the shutter is opened.