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We were, however, pleased with the battery life on this year's model. The model comfortably outstripped that, lasting for a full 9 hours 7 minutes when running the iPlayer. This means you should have no trouble getting a full day's work from the inch MacBook Pro when you're on the road. The price may not have changed since last year, but the version of the inch MacBook Pro does deliver stronger performance and good battery life, which help to justify its premium price tag.

Apple MacBook Pro (inch, ) review: Quad-core CPU and all-day battery life Review | ZDNet

Its slim, lightweight design will also appeal to business users who need a travelling laptop that can provide desktop levels of performance. However, the lack of a discrete GPU remains a weakness in a 'pro' laptop, and suggests that Apple still has some lost ground to make up with its loyal professional users.

Apple posts record services revenue, solid iPhone sales in Q3 The Cupertino tech giant beat earnings and revenue expectations with its best June quarter ever. Expensive iPhones boost revenue, but Mac sales tank iPhone sales fell in line with Wall Street expectations, but Mac sales fall to levels not seen in seven years.

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MacBook Pro Everything you need to know about buying Apple's updated laptop Apple has updated both the inch and inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Here's everything you need to know about the changes. If your MacBook fails, it may be nearly impossible to recover data: Here's why TechRepublic The Apple T2 chip found in MacBook Pros is meant to improve security and encryption, but makes it harder to save your data from the system.

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Other users may get more battery life. And you'll definitely get better battery life if you opt for the lower-resolution FHD 1,by-1, version of the XPS New Intel quad-core chip package with AMD graphics. This is a watershed because, for the first time, svelte inch laptops are able to tap into Intel quad-core performance.

If you're a typical user with one laptop, once you go quad-core it's hard to go back.

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So, for example, a quad-core 2. Not all Mac models offer a choice of all three.

What processor does my Mac have inside?

The Core M, for example, is specifically designed to minimise power consumption in mobile devices and is used only in the MacBook. Likewise, if you buy a MacBook Air or Mac mini, although those machines use older versions of Intel processors. Generally speaking, in terms of speed, a dual-core i5 is the slowest and a quad-core i7 the fastest. That, however, is not the whole story.

Dual Core vs Quad Core CPU Comparison

So, tasks like 3D rendering, video editing and working with large images in Photoshop will all improve noticeably with a quad-core vs a dual-core processor. Core i7 processors have two main benefits over Core i5: The presence of a larger cache means the CPU can store more data locally and so spend less time transferring them back and forth to RAM.

Hyper-threading allows the CPU to simulate additional cores. So, a quad-core i7 with hyperthreading behaves like and eight-core CPU.

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  • The benefits of larger cache and hyperthreading are seen in scientific applications, where large calculations are performed and their results stored, as well as the 3D animation and 4K video editing. As we discussed earlier, some Intel processors have GPUs onboard. That makes the choice you make when you buy your Mac even more important.