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Best Laptop Security Locks - Buying Guide

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MacCuff mini 2 - The Ultimate Security Mount for Locking Your Mac mini

Maclocks has developed the first locking and anti-theft solution for the new MacPro powerhouse computer. A must have for Mac Pro users on any scale. By designing the Mac Pro Lock to fit the curvature of the new Mac Pro the bracket plates sit securely over the power cable locking the lid into place.

MacLocks – BaRRiL

The bracket plate has an extended lip that will allow you to attach the included Security Cable Lock ensuring your Mac Pro workstation and all its impressive and expensive hardware are not going anywhere. Add to Cart. Hey there!

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Most people will only need a "standard" account. Guests If someone just wants to "jump on your computer to check their webmail" consider setting up a specific guest account for them to use Mac OS X Cameras Most Macs have a built-in iSight camera.

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  • Although it is generally only on when a software application specifically requests access to it some people may want to switch it off. Although there are scripts for this to be honest the best way of disabling the camera is simply to tape something over it.

    Apple Hardware Security

    Although some Mac computers make it hard to get at the internal components if your data is sensitive you may still want to consider encrypting it. The G5 and Mac Pro Silver models have a door latch on the back with a locking mechanism that can be flicked down and then secured using a padlock. The Mac Pro Black models have the option of a security lock adapter. NOTE : Although the Xserve had easy access to some components one would assume that as it is a server you have physical access security procedures already in place for it.