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Originally Posted by steveo. Just really ugly :P i'm tempted to just put a few peices of chrome pipe from my headers to the exhaust, and go I'd be careful about Ebay.

If they say shipping time is days then they have them in stock. More than that means they'll order them from a supplier who may or maynot have them. Mac went thru a 6 month period 2 years ago when there were none to be had anywhere. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I have had good luck with the MAC on my hawk. The fit is good, it has great ground clearance and is not to loud.

Attached Thumbnails. Originally Posted by gardjj. Steveo, you've been reading haven't you The Mac appears to have equal length pipes since it runs straight down and under the motor.

V65 Magna with Mac header and carbon fiber glasspack muffler

Just depends really on the length of them as to what to expect. As you said long pipes give bottom end and short give top, you want something in between. The Honda 'collector' you're referring to actually functions as a balance tube, just a way to get exhaust pulses working between cylinders.

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If you really want to understand exhaust systems get the 'bible'. It's been reference material for me the last 40 years.

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Yes it has the formula for getting the proper length primary pipes. Last Jump to page:. Sponsored Links.

How to Create Headers and Footers in Word 2008 for Mac

You can copy and paste these message headers into our Email Header Analyzer. Hit the small down arrow next to Forward and choose As Inline Text.

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AOL The email files are in an html format. The objective is to save the file in html format. This can be done as follows: To begin, open the email message by clicking on it.

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Zoho Mail Click to open the email message. On the top message action menu, you will notice a dropdown menu arrow icon More actions on the far right, next to the "Forward"? Look for the first line that begins with "Received". Then, scroll down to the next blank line.

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Open your inbox Highlight the message that you wish to get header information for. You must configure Pine to allow showing message headers. You may skip steps below if you have performed this configuration. Press the h key while viewing the message to show full headers. If this returns the error Command h not defined for this screen, do the following: Go to the Pine start up screen. Hit s for Setup. Hit c for Config. Scroll down to the section labeled Advanced Command Preferences. Put an x for the enable-full-header-cmd feature.

Type E to exit Config, and Y to save changes. The next time you read a message, type H and the full headers will be displayed at the top of the message. Type H again to hide the headers. MxToolBox has been Updated. Refresh Page. Email Address:.