Summer Blush and Bronzer

It was my favorite when I dropped it and it's definitely worth trying to salvage. Wow, I don't look reformed at all, but at least I could list them from memory. It's interesting because I feel like I've gotten rid of so much, yet here we are.

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I can't imagine getting this down to I just can't. Maybe Orgasm and Deep Throat are fungible? Topshop is cream and won't last forever. Cargo Ibiza is beautiful but a little much for every day, so I don't break it out that often, same for NARS Super Orgasm, but trust me the joy is sparked by both. They're so much fun. I have But the other day I divided all of my blushes into color-dupe categories.

I would love to just have 5 blushes, one in each category. I do like a lot of my blushes though, so I'm not quite ready to drop down to 5 just yet. I'm also somewhat interested in adding a purple like Urban Decay Bittersweet but I'm not positive I will yet. I have way too many. I have 12 in a Ben Nye palette and one loose blush pan all from the same brand - La Femme. Then I have a berry blush from Laura Geller.

And a Tarte mini that I love. And a pan Stila convertible color palette. And a MAC blush. And four Sephora blushes. Oh wait, I also have two blushes in my Lorac pro to go palette.

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This amount of blush is ridiculous. I used to have more, interestingly, though. I'm sure I'm missing at least a couple more from this. Oh I guess you could count a Stila blush bronzer as blush, since that's what it's used for. Oh : I did destash a ton more though. So it could have been worse? I have eight blushes total.

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I can create looks and the rest looks almost identical. I can't tell the difference between shades of the same color on my cheeks. You can see them in my collection if you are curious. All drugstore, nothing unique to be honest. I can make one coral, one pink and one purple look and that is about it. Thinking about it like that makes me want to declutter! I own three. MAC Posey which blends out to exactly my natural blush shade.

Nars Powder Blush in Deep Throat

MAC Gentle which is a soft warm pink. And Silk Natural Drama which is a pinky muted brown that I can use as bronzer, contour, or blush depending on layering and how tan I am. It's interesting that MAC Gentle pulls warm on you. The base color is quite cool on me, but very balanced because of the warmth of the gold sheen. That's probably why I like it, because I have a fairly neutral complexion. It's been the blush I wear both days recently. I've been trying to get it to show signs of use. I like to have 3 on hand on any moment since they match most looks -- peachy pink preferably shimmery , nudey brown, and matte pink.

I definitely have more than this though lol.

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I own 6 blushes total, all Tarte. It is very obvious to me how different they are both in the pan and on my face simply because some are bright, some are muted, some are warm, and some are cool. I pick my blush for the day depending on my eyes or lips, whether I need natural looking color or something with a little more kick. Captivating was my most recent purchase and it filled the gap of a peachy color, which, on me, looks quite natural and glowing. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

How many blush colours? And you can save some money on eyeshadow 5 different shades. I love all your choices, too! Thanks for the tips Emily! I have been wanting to try Fruit Cocktail ever since you mentioned it in an interview a loong time ago! Looks like the prettiest color! I also LOVE the fact that it has some shimmer. I was so sad when I used all of mine up last month.

Beauties in Bloom: theBalm Hot Mama & Pinky Coral Blush Swatches

Definitely going to ask for it for a birthday gift this year!! I love Nars Orgasm too!! I have some red in my skin and I try to shy away from blushes in the pink family. This has been an excellent blush for me. I agree that the Nars blush in Orgasm is the best! You seem to have a lot of color. Do you tan, is ur skin tone that dark, spray tan or use self tanner?

Ur skin is beautiful and looks always tan— jealous! And then I discovered Nars Orgasm! It looks so good on anyone. I just picked up Fruit Cocktail after your recommendation and am loving it with my tan skin!

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Thanks Emily! Try Cat Cosmetics…she has amazing blush that works for anyone. PLUS…you will love her lip glosses! They re super easy to apply and last all day. The newest on, Awakening, is skintuitive. It is a different color on everyone. I also like the purple Dollface. It smells yummy, like gape bubblegum, and gives a lovely soft pink tint to your cheeks.

Great blushes! I have to try fruit cocktail.. They would look gorgeous on you!

MAC Hipness, NARS Deep Throat, MAC Springsheen and MAC Peachykeen blushers

Your email address will not be published. I must be a southern girl inside because I love blush and tend to go a little overboard sometimes… lol ipinkiloveyou. NARS Orgasm is one of my favorites! I think we can all go overboard on blushes lol.. You should try Trish McEvoy, liquid face color! Love NARS blushes!! Also, what earrings are you wearing? I love them! You look so beautiful!

I will have to try some of these blushes! Will you do a vlog of your blush application and blush brush techniques? Chanel Rose Bronze is a lovely warm pink! Your makeup is beautiful.