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However, before this, they possessed different aspirations. Dodging Potholes has been together for almost four years. However, the band has had connections long before. McCord also became friends with the lead guitarist and the drummer in college.

McCord subbed in this band as the bassist until the group fell apart. Once the band broke up, the group took a year off from music. They knew how I played. Although McCord has had quite a run with his bands, he has not always had perfect performances. When playing for the band Samaru, the group was invited to play at a birthday party for one of their gigs.

We are not a heavy metal band. The event was essentially a large lawn games competition, and they had an entire soccer park to hold the tournament. The band played this concert without any pay. According to McCord, it was the least stressful concert he has ever participated in. In college, McCord decided to pursue a degree in music. To McCord, juggling a band on top of these tasks is hard work. However, he knows that having a band comes with practice and dedication, otherwise he would not be able to keep up.

McCord additionally believes that Dodging Potholes has helped out with his social skills. Despite the common outsider approach of jabbing Clayton students for locking themselves solely within 6. Much like a liquid bubble is enclosed but still maintains its frothing disposition, within the sealed Clayton sphere is a vibrant culture, rather corrupted by contemporary dealings, yet also effervescing with independent businesses and an amiable, near crimeless population. It becomes difficult, then, to blame a child raised in a place containing seemingly everything for not trying to seek out much else of anything.

Clayton is not normally described as a suburb. It is not a city, a municipality or a township. It asserts no claim of being a village or even a hamlet.

Clayton is a self-pronounced community. Clayton is a quintessential model of America at its finest, a microcosm for capitalism in action, where in each successive generation since its incorporation, businesses have blossomed, creating an increasingly more sound climate for future familial success. Established in when Ralph Clayton donated land to build a new county courthouse, Clayton has grown over the past years into a modest yet bustling community of 15, Clayton is home to one of the finest public school districts in the region.

According to Niche. The high school has a 99 percent graduation rate, priding itself on its small student body, its famed open-campus and its no-cut policy. More than just a scholastic cove however, Clayton also harbors a wide array of landmarks. Captain Elementary. On the gastronomy front, since the closing of the North Central McDonalds, many edible aficionados have flocked to Clayton, as it has grown to become one of the culinary meccas of St. Louis athletes. As Clayton sits brimming with amenities, asking a student to leave Clayton is like asking a starving man to step out of the buffet line on steak and shrimp night at Golden Corral: why leave a place that has everything desirable to mankind?

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Living within the confines of the Clayton bubble is clearly justifiable to a point. Though it may be arguable to live a life inside the bubble, locked within the eminence of Clayton, a wide world surrounds Clayton when one crosses the rubicon. Largely residential, Ladue has houses ranging from one-story, ranch style homes to exclusive neighborhoods with mansions and sprawling backyards.

Unlike Clayton, Ladue is much less walkable as the houses are further apart and separated by numerous country clubs. These country clubs represent the more privatized atmosphere of Ladue which lacks public facilities found in a number of other St. Louis neighborhoods. The boutiques and restaurants off Clayton Road provide a place for CHS students to spend time afterschool and on the weekends. The interior of the building is much older than CHS, starting with the wooden entryway at the front of the school.

The building was also unlocked, possibly demonstrating the openness and trust of the community. Unlike CHS where Gay Field is located off the main campus, the students at Ladue have the luxury of having their field next to their high school. However, the parking spaces are assigned and extremely limited compared to CHS. Louis and are close in proximity.

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MICDS has a massive main campus that holds around students from elementary to high school and is doing reconstruction to most of their fields. Walking through the campus of John Burroughs, the definite influence of wealth can be felt.

The building resembles a mansion-like Californian villa because of its red and beige coloring. Only containing students, Burroughs has a smaller student to faculty ratio compared to CHS. However, entrance to this reputable school involves a selective admissions process. The community of Ladue also offers a myriad of diverse dining opportunities, several of which are within walking distance of CHS.

Sweetology, a do-it-yourself bakery, is also located on Clayton Road for those with a sweet tooth. Ladue is home to many unique stores. Driving down Clayton Road you can see the majority of shops in Ladue.

This family-owned business offers shoppers preppy and colorful clothes. MAC Designs is a store dedicated to monogramming and clothing. Breeze is a blow dry bar in Ladue. For school dances many girls go to blow dry bars like Breeze to get their hair done.

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While driving down Clayton Road, you can pop into many unique shops and restuarants, definitive of the Ladue ambiance. University City, wedged between Clayton and a number of small communities, is one of the sister suburbs that make up the inner ring surrounding the City of St.

The history, culture and educational facilities also set these two cities apart in more than just numbers and statistics. The land purchased was mostly undeveloped before its acquisition, and the architecture of the city exhibits the era of its creation with a great deal of early 20th century buildings and fabrications.

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Since U-City was founded, the town has grown from dirt roads and farms to a nighttime hot spot for citizens. Upon looking, their school appears to reside in a much older building and operates without open campus, though there is a special senior cafeteria.

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This cafeteria, solely with the purpose of serving seniors, is separated from the freshman through junior cafeteria. The field is right on campus and not secluded away. Additionally, the field is made of real grass. Their classrooms operate mostly with smartboards and the occasional outdated PC for the students use.

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Like Clayton, U-City High has a quad in the middle of the building. However, their quad only has the space for a few picnic tables. Ultimately, the U-City high school shares a great deal with Clayton High but also exhibits the wear characteristic of a much older school building. This includes the Tivoli, which is a distinct three screen movie theater that opened in on Delmar, and is also home to the Moonrise Hotel. Topping this hotel off is a 3, pound rotating moon. Lighting up the night sky, this moon is visible from all across the Loop.