The Setup Process

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If you would not like to follow the Bukkit tutorial then click here for a Bukkit-flavored server-in-a-zip. If you would like to automatically install Bukkit then click here. Step 3: Make a new folder called whatever you want ex. Step 4: Open up TextEdit and create a new file. Click on "Use Plain Text" in the menu. Step 5: Paste the following in to the document.

How to setup Minecraft Gaming server

You can edit this file to change the amount of RAM that your Minecraft server will use. Press enter. Step 8: Navigate to the server folder you created in step 3 and double-click on the start.

This will launch your server for the first time and create the files. It should come up with some error messages about missing files because they are not created. This is completely normal. Note: You can use Terminal as the command prompt for your Minecraft server; it has super-admin powers. The file should be called "craftbukkit. Step 3: Drag the "craftbukkit.

Make Your Own Minecraft Server: Mac Edition

To keep your server up and running, you will need to keep the file up. If at any point in time you need to stop the server, do not exit out of the window. When you do this, it should bring up your IP address immediately for you to see under the search bar. Make sure you write this down somewhere so you can easily give this address to anyone who will want to join your server.

How To Make A Minecraft 1.13 Server on A Mac (How To Play Minecraft with Friends on A Mac)

This is different for most routers, so you may need to do some looking around for yours. You can start looking around for your default router username and password by going to PortForward.

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You will want to use the port and for the IP address, use the IP address given to you by Google. You should have a working Minecraft server by this point in the process.

Tutorials/Setting up a server

To allow somebody to come on to your server, give somebody your IP address and invite them! They should be able to connect and you should be able to see them in your world! Share Pin Email. Writer, video producer and video game enthusiast specializing in the concept of Minecraft. Updated September 24,

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