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Most software nowadays has a counterpart which does pretty much the same thing on a different operating system.

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There's PearPC, which operates and acts as a virtual machine of sorts. This will allow you to install OS X in it's own environment and then run that from inside windows.

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  7. Then there's the OSX86 Hackintosh route. This is the route I chose. Listen now. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

    Installing OS X

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    How to install macOS on a PC

    A few applications, specifically iWork. Well, it's not impossible to run OS X on a virtual machine, or even run it full time on your PC see the OSx86 Project , but from experience I can tell you it's not very easy at all.

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    In short, no. I don't recall the name of the project, and it didn't seem very active at the time There is Cocotron , "an open source project which aims to implement a cross-platform Objective-C API similar to that described by Apple Inc. John T John T k 22 22 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

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    I love downvotes without comments. If you're going to say my answer is wrong, prove it, i'd love to see OSX apps run on win John T, look at your answer which mysteriously got 5 points compared to the best answer, which is far more interesting and informative than yours. Though we do not expect questioners to know how to ask open-ended questions, we do upvote answerers who know how to inform on-topic.

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    Moving to Catalina: Keep Your Bit Mac Apps Running with Parallels - TidBITS

    Any recent i3 processor will be powerful enough to ensure smooth, lag-free experience. You should get at least 4 GB of memory, but more is always better. While there are many ways how to install Mac on Windows, we recommend iBoot. To solve this problem, the creator of iBoot has developed another fantastic utility, MultiBeast.

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    This utility contains a collection of drivers for virtually every piece of hardware out there. You can enable Realtek or Intel sound cards, many any third-party disk work, activate hardware graphics acceleration, fully enable specific Ethernet or Wi-Fi controllers, activate USB devices, and much more. Best of all, MultiBeast is incredibly simple to use, featuring an intuitive, step-by-step installation process designed to turn your new Hackintosh into a capable computer with no missing features. Should something ever happen to your Hackintosh computer, you can recover all lost or deleted files using Disk Drill.

    Apple won't like this... - Run MacOS on ANY PC

    All people who had the pleasure to try Disk Drill praise its usability, advanced features, and fantastic customer support.